Caring For Those Who Care

History of Caregivers for Life

Jennifer Kielawa and Maria Pezzino founded Caregivers For Life, Inc; joined by Haley Kammerling, Robert Gilmor, Jimmy Deoquino, and Brielle Levenberg who helped organize and head up the fundraising committees. All of the members solicit donors and sponsors for gifts for caregivers


Caregivers for Life founders, Jennifer Kielawa and Maria Pezzino started the not for profit  after hearing about the challenges of a mother with three children; all of whom have Juvenile Arthritis, who was always stressed and overwhelmed . They wanted to help in some way; through their research, they learned that millions of Americans also provide care for elderly, disabled or chronically ill family members or friends. 


Caregivers for Life, Inc is going to thank and reward those often-overlooked family members who selflessly and tirelessly provide extended round-the-clock care for sick or infirmed loved ones, typically without pay or any other compensation.


“A family caregiver’s job is difficult, overwhelming and exhausting, often resulting in a depletion of physical energy and emotional strength” said Legislator D’Amaro. “Just like the loved ones they care for, caregivers need support, too. However, due to a myriad of factors, these caregivers do not make or take the time to care for themselves, so it is wonderful that we have students like these who are taking the time to help and recognize them.” 


The time is right to do something for these special caregivers. 

About Us

Jennifer Kielawa :    Senior, Walt Whitman High School

Maria Pezzino:           Senior, Walt Whitman High School

Founding Members :

Jimmy Deoquino:       Senior, John Glenn High School "10

Robert Gilmor:            Senior, John Glenn High School "10

Haley Kammerling:    Senior, Walt Whitman High School

Brielle Levenberg:      Junior, Harborfields High School

Board of Directors :

Tomer Dicturel: Chairman of the Board,

Patti Kielawa: VP, Empire National Bank, ;

Peggy Pezzino: Town of Huntington Assistant Atty                                                                           

Keith Linsalata: Owner;  Art Flowers & Gifts;,      

Fundraising committee:

Matt Silver, Pres Ultimate Class Limo,                                                                                                      

Marty Schackner: Real Estate Management,

Barry Laub: Special Care Planner, Advanced Wealth Solutions Group     

Diane Peterson:

Mary Beth Steensen Kraese;

Friends of: 

Legislator Lou D'amaro                                                                                                                   Councilman Marc Cuthbertson                                                                                                            

Logo Designer:  Amanda Behrens                                                                                                             Tech Support:  Russell Kielawa                                                                                            Fundraising mailings/Reports:  Matt Gierl                                                                                      Public Relations:  Laura Wilinsky                                                                                                     

Contact Us :

Caregivers For Life, Inc  ( non for profit )
P. O. Box 285
Huntington Station, NY 11746                                                                                                                     516-510-4530